KSI will now fight Swarmz at The O2 on August 27 after Alex Wassabi withdrew on medical grounds, PLUS Faze Temperrr’s new opponent!

The name may have changed, but the bad blood remains as Swarmz looks to walk-the-walk after promising to brutally stop his fellow musician, KSI, on August 27 at The O2.

Avenging his brother had been the initial plan for the original bout, but now KSI will be looking to put pride on his own name and hunt down his new opponent to provide a statement win and have Swarmz eat his words.

With over 1 million social media followers, things turned sour between previous collaborators when Swarmz opted to call out KSI after their friendship turned sour following the release of the track ‘Houdini’.

KSI will be facing off against a talented athlete and someone who has the proven focus to perform amongst elite sportsmen in the former Fulham Academy footballer Swarmz. If not for successes in his music career, the talented player would have continued playing at a high level.

Swarmz’s past as an athlete should raise alarm bells amongst the KSI camp. The bad blood, mixed with someone used to physically excelling and the know-how of handing pressure, leaves plenty of scope for a huge upset; which is exactly the plan for 25-year-old.

“ Not giving away anything ahead of the fight but I’m coming in to surprise the world, nothing less,” said Swarmnz. “My biggest strength is my determination, I thrive off being the underdog.”

“KSI’s main strength is that he’s been boxing and training a lot longer than me, but the simple way to stop it is by getting in his face early and bullying the little punk wannabe rockstar.”

The bad blood aside, there has to be caution regarding Swarmz and the huge opportunity that has presented itself for him to catapult himself into the limelight of crossover boxing. A natural winner, the competitive blood coursing through his veins to overcome the KSI hurdle in front of him, to go on to bigger and better things.

“I aspire to be the best in anything I do. I want to be the champion, not only in boxing, but in everything I touch.”

“I predict a riot!”

Following a statement from DAZN, Slim will step in to fight Faze Temperrr as the two finally have the chance to settle their beef. The verbal back-and-forth started out last September between them both, with Faze Temperrr criticising his upcoming opponent’s previous contests in the ring.

“Your first fight was against somebody who was heavier than me, and your second fight you ran across the ring, threw a punch, and that was the whole fight,” said Temperrr.

Youtuber Slim, also known as Sulieman Albaher, will be no stranger to some fighters on the card. Besides being a fellow content creator, he has shared the ring with, and beat, Fousey back in 2019.

“I’m gonna show you there’s levels to this game once you have balls to step up,” replied Slim. “Ima break you, I promise you that.”