Elle Brooke and Paige VanZant will collide in a huge headline contest at MF & DAZN: X Series 15, on Saturday, May 25.

In the biggest female crossover boxing match-up ever, Brooke travels to the NRG Arena in Houston, Texas next month to take on combat sports legend VanZant, live around the world on DAZN.

And in the co-main event, former NFL star Le’Veon Bell makes his Misfits Boxing return to take on ‘Mr Adventure’ Tristan Hamm, in the opening quarter-final of the MFB Cruiserweight Title Tournament.

Brooke claimed the MFB Women’s Middleweight crown with a stunning stoppage win over AJ Bunker at X Series 12 in Leeds earlier this year but knows she will have to produce the performance of her fighting life in order to defeat former UFC fighter VanZant and keep her title.

Mams Taylor said Co-President of Misfits Boxing, said: “X Series 15 will go down in history as the night the female division, in all of crossover boxing, was taken to a whole new level.

“Elle Brooke, the brilliant Misfits Boxing Women’s Middleweight champion, has accepted one of the biggest tests out there, in facing a true former UFC and BKFC great, in the shape of Paige VanZant.

“It’s a phenomenal match-up and I cannot wait for it because May 25 will be yet another landmark night for the X Series.”

Kalle Sauerland, Co-President of Misfits Boxing, said: “Make no mistake, this is a colossal clash in the world of crossover boxing.

“Hands down, Elle Brooke taking on the legendary Paige VanZant is the biggest female fight we’ve ever had in this space and the number of people watching in the arena, and worldwide on DAZN, will be huge.

“Brooke is the No2 pound-for-pound female fighter in Misfits Boxing but facing VanZant, a proven and global star from UFC, is by far the biggest challenge of her boxing career.

“Can she pull off the mother of all upsets?  Tune in May 25 to find out!”

DAZN are excited to be broadcasting this mega fight,” said Alfie Sharman, VP DAZN. 

“Elle is one of the biggest names in crossover boxing and Paige is one of the biggest names in combat sports-clashing in a blockbuster night of mayhem only on DAZN May 25.”