MF & DAZN: X Series 005 will see Jay Swingler take on Nicholai Perrett, better known as ‘NichLmao’, March 4th 2023 in Telford England at the Telford International Centre. The fight will be broadcast live around the world on DAZN.

Swingler returns in his second consecutive headline fight after a hugely dominant win against Cherdleys at MF & DAZN: X Series 002 to take on Youtuber ‘NichLmao’. Swingler will have to bring the same power and intensity to overcome NichLmao whose 20 million+ YouTube subscribers are looking for a win on Swingler’s home turf.

Jay Swingler: “I don’t know how Happy Punch were allowed to show that footage of NichLmao sparring. If he comes to fight night looking anything like that, it’s not going past the first round,” said Swingler.

“Come fight night, and he gets in that ring, I promise you that he’ll be scared to come anywhere near me. He’ll be scared to look at me in the face. He’ll try and approach me, and he’ll realise he doesn’t know how to get close.

“The mistake he’ll run into is the same mistake I came across when I fought Gib. He had that experience on me, and this time I have the experience on him. He better not miss a day of training.”

NichLmao: “Headlining a Misfits event is so surreal to me. I was 16 years old watching some YouTube fights, and now I’m headlining an event against Jay Swingler. It’s such a special and amazing opportunity which I am so grateful to Misfits for,” said Perrett.

“Jay’s performance against Cherdleys was, I mean…..I can’t really take it seriously. I don’t think you can look at that as a reflection of his skill because I don’t think Cherdleys counts as an opponent. I think it was an easy fight just to build his name and I think he’s trying to do the same with me. He doesn’t realise that I’m going to be much quicker than he is, much slicker than he is, and I’m not scared of getting hit. When all of those things are realised in the ring, he’s going to panic, he’s going to stall, and I’m going to capitalise on that. I’ll pick him apart.”

NichLmao will have to keep an eye on his opponent’s ability to start fast. Whether he believes everything he saw in the win first round win against Cherdley’s or not, knocking an opponent down twice and winning in just over a minute gives Swingler every reason to be confident.

DEEN THE GREAT VS. PULLY ARIF: Deen the Great, social media and YouTube influencer, currently holds the title for the MF Lightweight Championship after his victory over Walid Sharks at MF & DAZN X Series 003. Pully Arif, TV celebrity and influencer, is challenging Deen for his title.

WETT VS. BUNKER: Astrid Wett, social media start and model, makes her return on the MF & DAZN X Series as she takes on AJ Bunker, most well known for her time on reality show, Love Island. The two women will fight for the MF Flyweight Championship, the first ever women’s title fight on a Misfits card.

Full undercard below:

Deen The Great (USA) © vs. Pully Arif (UK) – MF Lightweight Championship

  • Deen The Great continues to grow in his crossover boxing journey by tracking his progress on social media and a YouTube channel with over 21 million views. With his victories against Evil Hero at MF & DAZN: X Series 001 in London, and iconic fight against Walid Sharks at MF & DAZN: X Series 003, he has seen his popularity increase massively. Now, defending his title, he must overcome the challenge of Pully Arif.
  • Pully Arif is a social media influencer and television celebrity. Similar to Deen the Great, he is on a two-fight winning streak and will be looking to use his triumphs over Tommy Mulligan and Kane Ramsay to snatch the MF Lightweight title away from Deen.

King Kenny (UK) vs. Ashley Rak-Su (UK)

  • King Kenny returns for his third appearance on a MF & DAZN: X Series card, having beaten both FaZe Sensei and DK Money previously. The English YouTuber and Beta Squad member will be looking to show he is championship material to his audience of over 2.5 million followers and subscribers.
  • Ashley Rak-Su is a music artist, writer & producer. He rose to fame in 2017 as part of the X Factor winning band Rak-Su. After taking on the challenge of facing MMA’s Anthony Taylor, which he lost on points, he is back to take on another Misfits icon in King Kenny.

Astrid Wett (UK) vs. A.J. Bunker (UK) – MF Flyweight Championship

  • Astrid Wett is a social media star and model, sharing content with fans over Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and OnlyFans. With her increasing social media platforms, she is ready to step back into the ring once more after a first-round win against Keely at MF & DAZN: X Series 002.
  • A.J. Bunker rose to fame as an entertainer and reality star after appearing on Love Island in July 2021. Having shown both her fearlessness and commitment to fighting by taking her last bout with only a two-week warning, she’s returning in a grudge match against Astrid Wett after months of heated words.

Ginty (UK) vs. Halal Ham (UK)

  • Ginty is a British TikToker known for his hilarious videos, where he often portrays the life of his younger self. Through his videos he has built up over 1.5 million followers with over 27 million likes on Tiktok. His fighting history has seen both wins and losses. His win came against Kayrhys, who he outclassed to take the decision victory, but the loss would come in a brave performance against JMX at MF & DAZN: X Series 002 in Sheffield.
  • Halal Ham gained millions of views from writing, producing, recording, and performing parody songs and diss tracks. He fought on the KSI vs. Logan Paul I card where he beat Jrizzy Jeremy, before losing to Salt Papi. After overcoming cancer, Ham went on to defeat DTG in a closely contested bout on the Misfits card in Sheffield.

Walid Sharks (USA) vs. N&A Productions (XX)

  • Walid Sharks is the hugely popular TikTok star, gaining over 3.4 million views on one video alone. He commits his time to boxing, and recently lost in what was considered to be one of the greatest crossover boxing fights ever against Deen the Great.
  • N&A Productions, better known as Amir Fotoohi, is a Dubai-born YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers on the channel. Having lost out to current MF Champion Slim, he then went on to beat Adnan Bin Sultan via a split the talented Sharks.

Tempo Arts (UK) vs. Godson (UK)

  • Tempo Arts is a graphic designer and social media celebrity with a win already under his belt after defeating Smithey. Tempo Arts will be swapping his art canvas for the boxing ring canvas as he looks to produce fighting artistry against Godson.
  • Godson Umeh is the London born British-Nigerian jewellery designer and businessman who found fame through social media. The jeweller has collaborated with the likes of rapper Meek Mill, Amoakoh Appiah, English professional footballer Raheem Sterling and the rap duo Krept and Konan.

Co-President of Misfits Boxing and CEO of Proper Loud, Mams Taylor said: “”005 is a night of monumental moments as we continue to pave the way for the future of crossover boxing. We have our first female title fight between Wett and Bunker, Deen and Pully Arif going for the MF Flyweight title, and an overall incredible line up of fights. It is going to be fresh and thrilling for the fans.”